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What is coaching?

Coaching is different than counseling.  Counseling focuses on the past and gaining emotional healing in order to move forward.  Coaching is forward focused.  It assumes that the person receiving coaching is a healthy individual who wants to move from the place they are today to a better future place in some area of their life.  Watch this short video for a deeper explanation.

How does coaching work?
Coaching is a skilled conversation where a coach helps individuals think through problems they want to solve, decisions they need to make, or plans they need to develop to take future actions.  The coach's role is not to solve your problems for you.  Instead the coach helps the client to develop their own solutions  that will bring them a step closer to the place they define as success.

What kind of people choose coaching?
Coaching is effective for individuals, groups, teams, families, or couples.  

What coaching packages are available?
Individual sessions of 30 or 60 minutes in person, by phone, or video call.
Coaching Bundle Packages include 2 hours of coaching per month plus email support as needed.
Group, team, family, or couples sessions of 1-4 hours.

How can I get coaching?
Email [email protected] or call 972-748-3287 to book your FREE initial session.

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